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Linn Turntable Components

Build an LP12 from the ground up

Create your own LP12 from scratch or upgrade to the latest specification.


The Linn Sondek LP12 is built around a plinth and top-plate.

Linn LP12 Oak Plinth and topplate

Oak Plinth

Linn LP12 Walnut Plinth and topplate

Walnut Plinth

Linn LP12 Black Ash Plinth and topplate

Black Ash

Linn LP12 Cherry Plinth and topplate

Cherry Plinth

Linn LP12 Rosenut Plinth and topplate


Linn LP12 custom plinth finishes

Custom Finishes


Trampolin Baseboard

Suspended aluminium

Linn Standard Aluminium Baseboard

Solid aluminium


Linn Keel Sub-chassis

Machined from solid aluminium

Linn Kore Sub-chassis

Precision machined aluminium

Linn Standard Sub-chassis

Box aluminium

Power Supplies

Linn Radikal Combined DC Motor & Phono Stage Power

Combined DC Motor & Phono Stage Power


Direct coupled AC Power

Majik Power Supply

Integrated supply for Majik LP12


Linn Ekso SE tonearm

Machined titanium arm and ultra-low friction bearings

Linn Akito tonearm

Cold drawn aluminium tube, precision ball-race bearings

Linn Krane tonearm

Aluminium and stainless steel arm with low friction and rotation mass bearing design


Linn Kandid

High performance moving-coil

Linn Krystal

Moving Coil

Linn Adikt Cartridge

Moving Magnet

Phono Stages

Linn Urika I phono stage

Fitted internally for formidable performance

Linn Urika II Phono Stage

Cutting-edge all digital phono stage

Linn Uphorik phono stage

Universal phono stage

Linn Music Systems at Ripcaster
  • Klimax
  • Akurate
  • Selekt
  • Majik
ExaktBox Digital Smart Crossover
Linn Power Amplifiers