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Linn Utopik Power Supply Upgrades

Linn Selekt DSM Edition

Linn at Ripcaster

We have the complete Linn range available on demonstration.

Please call for advice, upgrades and servicing across the Linn range past and present.


Visit ripcaster to hear the Kudos range from the diminutive X2 to fully active mighty Titans.


Explore the MOON range at ripcaster

Linn Klimax DSM - Next Generation

Kii Three at Ripcaster

Kii Audio range of active speakers

Lumin P1 Network Music Player on a green background with the remote control in front of it
Vertere MG-1 MKII turntable with a man putting a record on a turntable

Call ripcaster for Help & Advice 01183218292

A pair of Eclipse TD712zMK2 with a hifi between in a white room with a guitar propped beside a chair.
Astell & Kern
A stack of three Rel S812s either side of the bottom of a wide staircase.
Raidho Acoustics TD4.2 Loudspeakers
A pair of Cabasse Pelegrina speakers in white either side of a wall mounted flatscreen tv.  Behind them are a pair of Cabasse Pearl speakers in white on stands.  The speakers are in a large living area with a wooden floor and two tall indoor plants in the corners of the room.
Rosso Fiorentino Florentia Loudspeaker on a background of colourful sound waves with a black banner top and bottom.
Cyrus on top of a circular table in a living space
roon nucleus above water with ripples around the roon.  Sky is purples and oranges.
VPI Signature 21 on a white shelving unit with a speaker in the background
Audiovector loudspeakers and a sub spread out in a room with flowers in a vase

Handcrafted loudspeakers from Denmark

A woman inspecting a record before placing it on the X2 turntable

Project turntables & electronics

Hana cartridges EH, SH, ML and Umami Red

Hana cartridges

Gift Ideas

Ortofon Cadenza Cartridges lined up beside each other: Mono, red, blue, bronze, black on an amber and black swirly background.
HiFi Rose RA180 Integrated Amplifier front and top view.  On a glass shelf, with reflection.  Below is the Rose RS150 partially visible.
Examples of AudioQuest connectors
Nordost Cable
Puritan Audio Studio Master Mains Purifier inside view
Melco N10 - HiRes Two Box Music Library in silver
Two QNAP storage devices on a green background.
ADot MC Optical Fibre Upgrade Kit on a background of curved, amber lines.
Two of the PLiXiR products on a blue background: pexels-pixabay-268415
YouTube Strap