Lumin at ripcaster

Lumin L2 Music Library & Network Switch

An advanced dual-drive music server requiring zero setup configuration.

Lumin X1 Network Music Player

Hear every last musical detail. Re-engineered without compromise, LUMIN X1 redefines the digital musical experience.

Lumin AMP

Engineered to let your LUMIN sing.


Lumin P1 Network Music Player

With analogue and digital inputs, LUMIN P1 becomes your new audio hub.

Lumin U2 Streaming Transport

Focusses on pure digital.

Lumin T3 Network Music Player

All-new chassis construction combines with X1 technology to provide the perfect balance.

Lumin P1 Mini - Streamer, DAC, Pre-Amp

Packs incredible versatility and value into its slim chassis.

Lumin U2 Mini

Your DAC's perfect partner.

Lumin D3 Network Music Player

The most affordable way to bring all of the award-winning LUMIN musicality into your music system.

YouTube Strap