Audiovector at ripcaster


A tall Audiovector speaker angled to the right of the image.  The speaker is on the left of the image with a vase of twigs beside it on the left and, to the right, an artistic chair with pictures propped against the wall.
A tall Audiovector R8 speaker to the right of an image with a cream sofa on the left.  There's a natural wood coloured wall behind to the left and a painted wall behind to the right.  The painted wall is cream.  The floor is shiny and a beige colour.

Audiovector QR7 Loudspeaker

The QR 7 is the ultimate flagship in the QR range and is sporting a whopping 2×8-inch bass system, 6-inch midrange and a sweet yet detailed AMT tweeter.

Audiovector OnWall Speaker.  There's a table with a vase that's standing on top of a stack of books which are on top of a table to the left of the image.  There's also a wooden large mushroom to the left of the book stack.
Audiovector InWall speaker.  There's a vase to the left of the image with dried large grass heads inside.
YouTube Strap