Audiovector QR 1 SE Loudspeaker


Audiovector QR 1 SE Loudspeaker

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The Compact High-Performer
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The design goal of the QR SE series has always been to offer the most advanced technology in a perfectly finished and proportioned high-end package. The sound is big, bold and dynamic, yet subtle and detailed when required and an excellent solution for all types of music.

Audiovector QR1 on a table beside some books

The fascia plate of Audiovector's Gold Leaf Air Motion Tweeter is machined from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminium. It has been precision machined, glass blasted, brushed and then anodised in an attractive Tungsten Titanium Grey. It features a rose gold-plated dispersion mesh, which works as an S-Stop filter.

The new SE models all feature subtle, elegant, yet highly recognisable golden brass badges on the front panels and cloth grilles.

The new highly specialised double cryogenic polypropylene tin flash copper capacitors are the result of constant listening, measuring, and improvement. They provide Audiovector's AMT tweeters with the best possible conditions for sounding even sweeter, more detailed, and more open. The use of cryogenically treated pure copper wiring and Audiovector Nanopore damping material creates a smooth and natural musical reproduction.

The Audiovector Pure piston dual magnet bass drive units have the ability to work like a perfect piston over several octaves of the frequency band without the distortion normally found in aluminium/diamond drive units. This means music sounds warm, precise, and detailed, yet dynamic and musical.

The QR 1 SE is a compact high-performer which delivers an awful lot from a small package. An energetic, dynamic and open sounding 2-way loudspeaker.

Colours and Veneers

Audiovector only use carefully selected real wood veneers.

Standard finishes: white silk, dark walnut, black piano.

Cloth grilles included.

Meet the Next Generation of Advanced Sound

The QR SPECIAL EDITION is the result of continuous innovation that aims to bring listeners closer to the soul of the original music…and to make listeners really feel the music.

You’ll notice the improvements from the very first note:

  • New in-house designed capacitors result in a cleaner treble and improved detailing.
  • Improved heat dissipation via metal housed resistors delivers even more stable high-power precision.
  • Cryogenically treated internal wiring improves dynamics and detailing.
  • Strategically positioned Nano Pore dampening material enhances midrange openness.
  • Bass reflex optimisation increases precision.
  • frequency response: 44 – 45 kHz
  • gold leaf upper limit: 105 kHz
  • treble system: Gold Leaf AMT with S-stop
  • bass drivers: 6” Pure Piston technology
  • bass system: Q-port bass reflex
  • principle: 2 Way
  • X-over frequencies: 3000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 86 dB/W/m
  • power handling: 160 W
  • impedance: 4 Ohms
  • dimensions: height 32.5cm x width 19cm x depth 23.2cm

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