Audiovector R8 Arreté Loudspeaker


Audiovector R8 Arreté Loudspeaker

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Audiovector R8 Arreté Loudspeaker
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Setting the standard in its field - the R8 Arreté is a true high-end performer

The new Audiovector Carbon Driver has been engineered to further improve Audiovector's already class leading drivers: Lighter, stiffer and ‘acoustically dead’ membranes produce a fast and uncoloured sound. The membranes of the new Titanium Tech drivers are made from precision woven aramid fibres sandwiched with artificial wood resin. There is a delicate balance combining award-winning 8” + 6” down-firing isobaric compound bass system with a new midrange topology and a 4-inch rear firing bass/midrange driver. These drive units seamlessly integrate with the new Audiovector quasi rear firing R-AMT Integrator tweeter. The use of cryogenically treated 7-nines pure copper asymmetrical wiring and Audiovector Nanopore damping material creates a smooth and natural musical reproduction.

Audiovector R8 Arrete loudspeaker in a living space with a cream coloured sofa

Audiovector Freedom is a new and revolutionary grounding technology, which addresses the movement induced distortion of and between the drive units in a loudspeaker. The currents running between the chassis are being processed and dealt with through a new separate crossover, which routes the signal to the ground terminal of your wall socket or your grounded mains distribution unit. Contrary to conventional knowledge, these currencies cause coloration and distortion between the drive units. By balancing and filtering these through a dedicated separate filter and by offering the possibility of connecting the speakers to earth/ground, we achieve a clean, very accurate, significantly more realistic sound with a low noise floor.

  • IUC individual upgrade
  • LCC low compression
  • SEC soundstage enhancement
  • NES no energy storage
  • NCS natural crystal structure
  • FGC freedom grounding® concept
  • R AMT Arreté 
  • Audiovector carbon drivers
  • rear firing midrange 4"
  • isobaric bass sytem
  • titanium technology coils
  • DFF crossover technology
  • non-parallel surfaces
  • nanopore damping material
  • M8 premium spikes
  • carbon terminal plate
  • aircraft grade alloy plinth
  • aircraft grade alloy baffles
  • internal shock absorbers
  • frequency response: 22-52 kHz
  • sensitivity: 92,5 dB/W/m
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • power handling: 500W
  • x-over frequencies: 100/250/3000 Hz
  • principle: 4-way
  • bass system: 8+6,5” Isobaric Bass System
  • bass/mid drivers: 6.5" carbon
  • rear firing midrange driver: 4"
  • treble driver: R8 AMT Quasi
  • dimensions cm (footprint) height/width/depth: 144,2 x 32,7 x 53,3

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