Audiovector R3 Avantgarde Loudspeaker


Audiovector R3 Avantgarde Loudspeaker

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Audiovector R3 Avantgarde Loudspeaker
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the perfectly balanced audiophile speaker

The R 3 Series is a compact speaker line based on a mixture of evolution and new inventions. All that a pair of floor standing speakers should ever deliver, the R 3 does to perfection. 

Patented Audiovector designed in-house drivers made in Denmark. Hand crafted Audiovector Air Motion Transformer tweeters, made with extreme precision and state of the art cabinet quality. This makes these models very potent performers.

Audiovector R3 Avantgarde speaker in red beside some white stairs with a wooden chair off to the side and a vase of hydrangea heads

The Audiovector Freedom Grounding® system eliminates distortion and improves overtones, lowers the noise floor and increases image depth and focus. Freedom Grounding® is yet another step closer to perfection. Only on Arreté models.

  • IUC Individual Upgrade
  • LCC Low Compression
  • SEC Soundstage Enhancement
  • NES No Energy Storage
  • R AMT
  • Audiovector Carbon Drivers
  • Titanium Technology Coils
  • DFF Cross-over Technology
  • Laminated Baffles
  • Non Parallel Surfaces
  • Frequency Response: 23-53 KHz
  • Sensitivity: 90.5 dB/W/m
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Power Handling: 300W
  • X-Over Frequencies 280/3000 Hz
  • Bass System: Floor Bass Reflex
  • Bass/Mid Drivers: 6.5" Carbon
  • Treble Driver: R AMT
  • Available Standard Matte Finishes: African Rosewood, Black Ash, Italian Walnut, White Silk
  • Custom piano colours available on request
  • Dimensions: Height 1034mm, Width 230mm, Depth 360mm

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