Linn Music Systems

Linn Music Systems

Everything Sounds Better

Linn use their skills in innovation, engineering and craftsmanship to create extraordinary music systems and have been doing so for over four decades.

Their aim is to get you closer to the music that moves you.

What they can do

Anything you listen to on your handheld device or desktop can be streamed wirelessly to a Linn system freeing you from the sound of your computer speakers.

Use your system to listen to albums on your hard drive, music from the cloud, Netflix, YouTube or your television.

Experience the difference a Linn system makes to what you listen to at home.

Control it

Use your favourite device with one of Linn's apps to pick your music, browse artwork and build playlists.

Multi-room sound

Anything you play through a Linn player, you can share throughout your home.  That includes Blu-ray, TV, your digital music collection or even vinyl. Play the same track everywhere, or select a different mood for each room. It's all perfectly synchronised so you never miss a beat.

The best parties may start in the kitchen but they don’t have to stay there.

Customise your system

The most prominent part of a system is the speakers and Linn provide the option to customise yours to blend in or stand-out - your choice.

Expand to Surround

A Linn network player makes it easy to expand your system to surround sound. A flexible solution that lets you add surround speakers at the sides, as well as centre and rear to suit. And of course you can drop in subwoofers to reinforce the bass too.

Simple, uncomplicated wiring makes it easy to live with. Plus Linn Space Optimisation software means you can put the speakers where you want, and still get great sound.

Continuous Innovation

All Linn systems have Space Optimisation technology built in. By removing the unwanted distorting effects of your environment, it reveals the true sound of the music.

In addition to Space Optimisation, Linn's latest systems use Exakt technology to preserve the natural sound of every instrument like never before.

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