Linn Kandid MC Cartridge


Linn Kandid MC Cartridge

High-performance moving coil cartridge

The first thing you’ll notice about Kandid is that the motor housing is exposed. With no cartridge housing potential sources of resonance are removed, resulting in purer, cleaner sound, making all your vinyl sound better than ever.

Linn have also kept the weight of the cartridge down by using a plastic front yoke screw rather than metal. As well as allowing the counterweight to be moved closer to the bearing point which gives a quicker reaction to changes in the vinyl, using a plastic screw eliminates any magnetic interference to the delicate coils in the cartridge.

Linn Kandid cartridge on a tonearm on a record

Another notable innovation in Kandid is the angle of the mechanical body and the tracking angle of the cantilever which have also been moved from 23° to 20°. This means that when it’s placed under tracking force on the LP surface, the flux lines remain symmetrical, ensuring that mechanical forces on the coils and iron core remain equal in all directions, avoiding any deformation.

Kandid uses the finest nude diamond Line Contact stylus and benefits from a ceramic boron cantilever for ultra low mass and extremely high rigidity. The suspension mechanism supports hand-wound coils secured in a high-precision rigid assembly, terminated with gold contacts on flying leads for superb signal transmission. The coils in the Kandid also feature an extra winding to increase output.

Kandid’s assembly structure has been designed to perfectly partner with the Linn Ekos SE tonearm. It is constructed around a machined-from-solid, 7075 aluminium alloy body for complete rigidity and includes Linn's unique triple-point mounting system to ensure a more rigid and accurate coupling.

  • Linn's highest performing cartridge
  • Moving coil (MC)
  • Low mass housing and cantilever
  • Precision machined 7075 aluminium body
  • Triple-point mounting system
  • Nude diamond Line Contact stylus
  • Moving coil cartridge
  • Nude line contact diamond stylus
  • Boron Cantilever
  • Square Armature
  • Flying wire with termination clips pin connection
  • 3 Mounting points
  • Channel Balance at 1 kHz: ±0.5 dB
  • Channel Separation: at 1 kHz: Better than 35dB
  • Load Resistance: 50-200 Ω
  • Load Capacitance: 100-1000 pF
  • Tracking force: 172-177 g
  • Cartridge Mass: 5.7 g

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