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Linn Majik LP12 Turntable


Linn Majik LP12 Turntable

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Linn Majik LP12 Turntable
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Linn Majik LP12 Turntable

Complete Linn Majik turntable ready to play!

The ideal first step into high performance vinyl playback, Majik LP12 uses carefully selected Linn-engineered components to let you experience the iconic LP12 in an affordable package.

It includes Linn’s latest sandwich-construction aluminium sub-chassis, patented single point bearing, and internal low noise power supply. Linn’s Majik tonearm and Adikt moving magnet cartridge complete the deck.

Linn LP12 is a modular system with numerous upgrade options.


The Akurate LP12 features the following components:

  • Sondek LP12 turntable
  • Aluminium Sub-Chassis and Laminate Armboard
  • Solid Aluminium Base Board
  • Internal Majik LP12 power supply
  • Krane tonearm
  • Adikt moving magnet (MM) cartridge
  • 45 rpm adaptor
  • T-Kable Phono tonearm cable

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Linn LP12 Components

LP12 Components

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Linn Akurate LP12

Akurate LP12

Linn Majik LP12

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