Astell & Kern AK HB1 Case

Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern AK HB1 Case

Astell & Kern AK HB1 Case
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Exceptional AK HB1 Case

The material selected for this important role was created by Synt3, a world-class manufacturer of polyurethane located in Milan, Italy.

The diverse patterns and colours seen in the new brands developed by Synt3 are consistently regarded as new standards in the industry. Synt3's superb sense of design is always at the forefront of the industry.

Astell & Kern AK HB1 Cases.  One hanging from a metal rod

An aluminium carabiner is attached to the side of the upper part, designed to prevent the AK HB1 from detaching in jacket pockets, bags, etc., and to facilitate storage and portability.

Synt3 from milan

The soft and durable LASKINA® polyurethane fabric made by Synt3 in Italy offers protection against external shocks and scratches while providing excellent grip and a stylish look.

The MEMORY material on the case is a polyurethane fabric that mimics the texture of classic, high-end leather, 
for a luxurious and vibrant look, including natural leather-style creases and shine.

  • Model: AK HB1 Case
  • Material: Material Synt3 LASKINA® polyurethane fabric (Made in Italy)
  • Colours: [PARIGINA] Black

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