Astell & Kern SE300 Case

Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern SE300 Case

Astell & Kern SE300 Case
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The Perfect Fit and Best Grip

The SE300's case is made of high-quality vegetable leather from BADALASSI CARLO, and boasts a high level of completeness that matches the dignity of the A&futura SE300.

The case is available in BLACK/PETROLIO colour, and is wrapped around the entire product, providing excellent protection and the best grip with a perfect fit.

A pair of Astell & Kern SE300 cases.  One with an SE300 player inside it.

Badalassi Carlo, a tannery founded by CARLO BADALASSI, who was a professor at a leather school in the Santa Croce region, has been producing leather for more than 40 years by integrating the traditional vegetable leather processing method developed in Tuscany with his unique theory and technology.

Vegetable leather processing is an eco-friendly leather manufacturing method that takes a long time to complete by tanning leather only with tannins extracted from plants.


Minerva leather, unlike Minerva Box, is a plain, un-milled leather that looks matte at first, but as it gets used, the colour deepens and the luster increases, so you can see and feel the change over time.

Minerva is a vegetable tanned leather made using the unique Vacchetta method from Tuscany. At first, the leather looks matte with a lack of sheen, but over time it adds a natural luster and deepens the colour. This is because there is no artificial coating on the leather surface, so the gloss rises naturally from the oil contained in the leather itself as it is used. As with other vegetable tanned leathers, Minerva is especially beautiful with time.

  • Model: SE300 Case
  • Material: BADALASSI CARLO, Minerva Leather (Made in Italy)
  • Colours: BLACK / PETROLIO

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