Linn LP12 from the Loft Part 2

Linn LP12 from the Loft Part 2

Linn LP12 from the Loft Part 2


A customer brought an LP12 in for service. It had been in the loft for a number of years. You can see how it arrived in Part 1.

The LP12 is orginally from 1983 and was supplied by Sound Organisation (still a Linn dealer in York, UK).

The original plinth has split at one corner and the customer wanted a refresh so we swapped to a pre-owned Cherry plinth we had in stock.

The rest of the parts just needed a good clean and some TLC.

Here is a summary:

  • Swapped to a pre-owned Cherry Plinth

  • Serviced the Valhalla motor controller (capacitors, rectifier etc)

  • New Belt

  • Fitted a pre-owned Cirkus bearing and new oil

  • New Hana EH cartridge

  • New Suspension components (upper bushes, springs, lower bushes)

  • New Lid

Please get in contact if you have an LP12 in need of some care and attention.

Here are some images:

LP12 from the Loft - new plinth and lid


LP12 with cherry plinth


LP12 with original brown lid


LP12 with new clear Lid


LP12 restored


Hana EH cartridge on Linn Sondek LP12


Linn LP12 restore


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