Linn LP12 from the Loft Part 1

Linn LP12 from the Loft Part 1

Linn LP12 from the Loft Part 1

A customer brought an LP12 in for service. It had been in the loft for a number of years.

The LP12 is orginally from 1983 and was supplied by Sound Organisation (still a Linn dealer in York, UK).

See how this turned out in Part 2.

Linn LP12 fom the Loft

LP12 stored in the loft for some time...

Linn LP12 from the loft

Originally from 1983

Linn LP12 from 1983

Setup/Serviced by Sound Organisation

LP12 from the LOft originally supplied by Sound Organisation in 1983


Original LP12 Sondek from 1983 stored in loft

Front corner of the plinth has split.

LP12 plinth with split plinth


LP12 from the loft with original tonearm cables

Internally relatively clean. Motor does not maintain speed. Valhalla needs to be re-capped or replaced.

Linn Valhalla Power Supply


Linn LP12 Valhalla Power Supply

Week 15 1988 on the motor.

LP12 MOtor Detail



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