Eclipse TD510MK2 Speaker (Single)


Eclipse TD510MK2 Speaker (Single)

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Eclipse TD510MK2 Speaker (Single)
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Once, listening to music was all about performance. In fact, the first home audio system made nearly a century ago, were aimed at recreating the live performance experience. But over time this changed. Audio equipment came to focus more on the technicalities of reproducing a wide range of frequencies accurately, rather than recreating the sound and the spirit of the actual performance itself. 

ECLIPSE TD, however, recreates pure performance to reveal the very essence of the artists' passion and craft. We believe that music should be reproduced just as it was created, with nothing added or reduced.

Eclipse TD510MK2 Speaker (Single)

Eclipse's waveform reproduction technologies achieve the most accurate sound reproduction

custom full range driver

The material for the drive unit has been selected to provide the optimum performance from the cone. It needs to be extremely light with great elasticity, combined with high radial rigidity. It is supported by a highly flexible surround and damping system in a magnetic circuit to provide precise piston movement.

Magnetic Circuit

To make the most of the custom driver, it must be driven correctly by the magnet, which is effectively the engine of the speaker. The ECLIPSE TD speakers incorporate a specially designed circuit to ensure a high magnetic flux density, creating a powerful magnet with an optimised voice-coil.

Mass Anchor

A high mass, conical anchor weight has been placed on the back of the drive-unit magnet. This structure acts as a mass sink, which 'grounds' the drive-unit ensuring the ideal piston movement.

Diffusion Stay

Colouration of sound reproduction will occur if the speaker cone is allowed to cause the speaker enclosure to vibrate. ECLIPSE TD speakers minimise this issue with a sophisticated 'diffusion stay' whereby the drive-unit is held in a floating mechanism so that no residual vibration can be transferred from the unit itself to the enclosure.

Eliminating Vibrations & Acoustic Solutions

In order for its floating enclosure to be effective we have achieved an air-tight seal, whereby the drive-unit is sealed to the enclosure, eliminating the transmission of unwanted vibrations. This requires a permanent bond combined with a flexible coupling.

Egg-Shaped Form

In the ECLIPSE TD series, the internal standing and diffraction waves generated at the front baffle edges are largely eliminated by adopting a rigid, yet tactile egg-shaped form, in which no two radial surfaces are in the same plane. With TD510MK2, the wider frequency response has been dramatically improved by increasing the internal volume of the cabinet by approximately 14% from TD510, which also helps to reduce the back pressure on the driver for better impulse response.

10cm Full Range Driver

Because the cone needs to be extremely light, offering greater elasticity whilst still possessing high radial rigidity, fibreglass has been chosen as the ideal material for the drive-unit. It is then connected to the enclosure by a highly flexible, rubber surround incorporating a re-designed damping system. This allows precise, lateral piston movement. The magnetic flux density is approximately 4.5% greater than in the TD510, providing more powerful motor system.

Solid Foundation

TD510MK2 pedestal stand is an 'all-point' contact design, achieved by using three steel legs mounted in the top of the stand arm in combination with a specially machined, locking ring. This design eliminates undesirable vibrations, ensures tighter lower frequency performance and allows for angle adjustments, which is an unusual option for high-end speakers. Adjustment of -10 to 30 degrees of the head angle offers a wide range of flexibility in the installation to suit the individual listening environment.

Mounting Options - Ceiling

TD510MK2 can be ceiling mounted by adding the dedicated CB1 bracket (sold separately). By changing the speaker arm setting, it will allow step-less adjustment of the speaker angle in the range of -75 to 10 degrees. The stand arm of TD510MK2 will accept speaker cables of less than 7m diameter for smart installation.

Speaker Unit 10cm Diameter Full-Range, Fibreglass
Frequency Response 42Hz-22kHz(-10dB)
Input Resistance (Rating/Max) 25W/50W
Angle Adjustment On Pedestal:-10°~30° On Ceiling:10°~-75°
Maximum Dimensions (mm) W255×H391×D381
Weight (per Speaker) Approx. 9.5kg
Accessories Grille x 1, Plug x 5

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