Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 2023 to 31 Jan 24

Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 2023 to 31 Jan 24

Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 2023 to 31 Jan 24


Promotion Summary

Linn have launched an enticing promotion to coincide with the roll-out of Utopik power supply upgrade across much of their range. 

There are many permutations of Linn’s Utopik promotion, so please get in touch to discover how you can directly benefit. 

If you purchases any new**: 

  • Linn DSM
  • Linn Amplifier
  • Linn Loudspeaker (including Majik 140, Majik 109)
  • Linn Exaktbox 
  • Linn Complete turntable
  • Organik Upgrades for
    • Selekt DSM 
    • Klimax DSM 
    • Klimax Exaktbox 
    • Exakt loudspeakers
  • Spend over £3k on Linn standalone upgrades and/or accessories.

You will receive a free-of-charge Utopik upgrade for any other applicable product.

One example of this; if you own a Selekt DSM Classic, you can upgrade it with Organik DAC and receive a Utopik power supply upgrade for your Selekt DSM completely free-of-charge – increasing your system’s performance. 

The promotions runs from 1st November 2023 to 31 January 2024.

**Exceptions can be made for any other standalone upgrades and/or accessories with a total  value of £3,000 or more.

The Utopik promotion can also be used in conjunction with the existing trade-in on both Klimax and Akurate streaming products. Note that the trade in program for Klimax DS/Klimax DSM will end on 31st January 2024

Call 0118321 8292 or email to discuss your upgrade options.

The following products have Utopik power supply upgrades available.

  • Klimax DS (all models)
  • Klimax DSM (all models)
  • Klimax System Hub (all models)
  • Selekt DSM (all models)
  • Akurate DSM (all models)
  • Akurate DS (all models)
  • Akurate Exaktbox-6 and -10
  • Akurate Kontrol (all models)
  • Akurate CD
  • Kustom DSM Z4 and Z8
  • Majik DS (all models)
  • Unidisk (all models)
  • Klimax Renew DS

You are welcome to visit Ripcaster to see and hear these upgrades.

Recommended Top 10 Utopik Promotion Combinations

  1. Stereo Organik DAC for Selekt + Utopik
  2. Majik 140 Speakers + Utopik
  3. Majik LP12 turntable + Utopik
  4. Radikal II + Utopik
  5. Kendo Cartridge + Utopik
  6. Arko Tonearm + Utopik
  7. Keel Sub-chassis + Utopik
  8. Linn Ekos tonearm + Utopik
  9. Kore  Sub-Chassis + Lingo Power Supply + Karousel Bearing + Utopik
  10. Series 3 301 Speaker + Utopik
  11. Majik 109 Speakers + Utopik (no longer available)


See how ripcaster upgrades to Utopik on our YouTube channel:

Utopik Power Supply Upgrades

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