Unboxing the new Linn Majik LP12

Unboxing the new Linn Majik LP12 in 2021

Unboxing the new Linn Majik LP12

Like all Linn LP12s they are delivered to us from the Linn factory in component form.

Click on the image below to explore the parts in the latest Majik LP12 featuring Krane Tonearm and Karousel bearing.

image/svg+xml Felt mat Felt Mat Inner Platter Inner Platter Adikt MM Cartridge Adikt Cartridge Oil Bottle Oil Bottle Armcollar Armcollar UK Mains Cable Mains Cable Tonearm Signal Cable Signal Cable Drive Belt Drive Belt Plinth Plinth Topplate Top Plate Majik Sub Chassis SubChassis Counter Weight Counter Weight Balance Guage Balance Guage Anti-skate device Antiskate Hex keys for adjusting tonearm Hex Keys Outer Platter Krane Tonearm Krane Tonearm Power Switch Power Swith Karousel Bearing Karousel Bearing Motor Spindle Motor Spindle Belt guide Belt Guide Armboard Armboard
Linn LP12 Components

LP12 Components

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Linn Majik LP12

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