Vertere Reference Cable Elevator


Vertere Reference Cable Elevator

Vertere Reference Cable Elevator
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Vertere Reference Cable Elevators address the fundamental issues of cable support systems.  This elegant design isolates the cable from unwanted floor vibrations.  Also with the cable elevation already incorporated into the design, it simplifies cable routing to avoid close proximity of different cable types.
Clean routing of audio cables is critical to eliminating undesirable cross-talk. For example, induced hum caused by mains cables that are running very close and parallel to the signal cables.

Vertere Reference Cable Elevators accommodate cables ranging from only a few millimetres to a maximum of 30mm in diameter. There are also Elevator Forks available for cables with larger than 30mm in diameter on request.  Each Elevator utilises several silicone rubber isolation rings to support and isolate the cable from the solid aluminium alloy Fork assembly.  The Fork assembly is fully articulated using a precision ball race bearing to allow natural routing of even the less flexible cables.


Set Of Two per Pack – Incl. x4 Large & x4 Small Isolating Silicone Rings & x2 ‘Iso-Balls’.

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