CD Service Deposit


CD Service Deposit

CD Service Deposit

Deposit for the CD Service

We can convert your CDs and supply the storage media.

Our standard process is as follows:

1.       You place an order for the "CD Service Deposit" here or call 01183218292
2.       Let us know approximately how many CDs you have and the format(s) required. 
3.       We send you packaging for your CDs via courier
4.       You place your CDs in the packaging
5.       When you are ready we will arrange for collection from you
6.       We then convert the CDs into the formats required (e.g. FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 etc)
7.       We load the audio files on to some form of hard drive - either supplied by you or purchased from us. e.g. NAS, USB Pocket drive, USB stick, SD Card
8.       We bill you for the actual number of CDs (less the deposit)
9.       We return the CDs with data drive back to you.  

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