PLiXiR Statement Balanced Power Cable


PLiXiR Statement Balanced Power Cable

PLiXiR Statement Balanced Power Cable

The new PLiXiR THE STATEMENT , Balanced Power Cable, is specifically designed for balanced power transmission to your hi-fi equipment. Utilising thick gauged ultra-pure copper conductors and terminated with Furutech power connectors, their unique high-current balanced and clean-earth design ensures exceptional high current and low noise power delivery to your hi-fi system.  When used as a standard hi-fi power cable it is exceptional for its price and performance.  However, when used in conjunction with balanced power conditioners (such as our Elite and Elementa BAC) and isolation transformer based power conditioners, their balanced design maintains and increases the noise rejection of the balanced power delivery throughout the whole chain and right up to your equipment.

From the design and manufacture of the PLiXiR Elite and Elementa Balanced AC Power Conditioners, PLiXiR noticed that conventional hi-fi power cable design with twisted 3-wire, Live, Neutral, Earth and their geometrical permutations, are actually singled ended in their power transmission design.  While they work, they are not able to fully make use of the balanced power output from balanced conditioners to maintain the common mode noise reduction all the way to your equipment.  The specific benefit of balanced power is lost at the output of the power conditioner (akin to single ended cable plugged into a balanced signal output).

Also, from the study, the safety earth conductor in a conventional hi-fi power cable is always subjected to field and noise interferences from its neighbouring live and neutral wiring, due to the uneven field it is exposed to. It results in noise generated within the power cable, polluting the earth cable and less than optimal grounding conditions for your equipment. 

High Current Balanced

The PLiXiR Signature BPC is specifically designed to provide high current balanced power delivery.  The geometry of the high current carrying wire within power cable is optimised for high current delivery in balance mode. Exception efforts are spent to make sure the live and neutral conductors are placed in the correct geometry throughout the cable, enabling the common mode noise rejection of balanced power cable to be maintained throughout the cable. 

Of particular note here is the use of the excellent Furutech power connectors which the Signature BPC cables are designed to fit.  Besides exceptional sounding, their special design allows them to maintain the balanced connection right up to the power pin of the connector, maintaining true balanced power propagation from end to end. Optimum copper conductor to connector is achieved, enabling the lowest contact impedance and providing instantaneous high current delivery to satisfy your system demands.  

Clean Earth

A special property of the Signature BPC is that the earth conductor is elegantly situated within the null field area of the cable.  That is a location whereby the fields of the live and neutral cancel out each other naturally.  This unique property is only achievable with a balanced design.  In this way, the earth seats in a noise-free area of the cable and you can enjoy true clean earth performance. 

The Signature BPC is also protected from external noise influences with a dual noise shield of copper foil and ofc (oxygen-free copper) braid. 

  • connectors: all cables are terminated with FURUTECH connectors
  • FI-UK-N1 (CU) UK plug
  • socket: FI-11 CU 15 Amp IEC Socket, FI-31 (G) 20 Amp IEC Socket

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