PlixiR Elite BDC Chord MScaler Power Supply


PlixiR Elite BDC Chord MScaler Power Supply

PlixiR Elite BDC Chord MScaler Power Supply

The PLiXiR Elite BDC balanced DC power supply is designed to reduce all the noise types present in a DC power supply. Upon deep studies it is apparent that traditional DC power supply circuit cannot eliminate them all.  These include Ground loop current and diode rectification/pollution noise. 

The PLiXiR ground-up approach begins with a balanced AC power design, along with a two-stage voltage regulation consisting of an open-loop first-stage pre-regulator and a close-loop feedback second stage.

Their unique balanced AC power circuit effectively removes ground loop noise and reduces the diode noise. 

The first stage pre-regulation filters the bulk of the noise, specifically the high-frequency noise, and the heat from the second stage voltage regulator. The 2 stage regulation design as a "gate" to prevent the downstream noise from crossing back to the AC power hands.

  • output: 15V 4A DC-1
  • connector: 2.5mm

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