Rosso Fiorentino Elba II Loudspeaker

Rosso Fiorentino

Rosso Fiorentino Elba II Loudspeaker

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Rosso Fiorentino Elba II Loudspeaker
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Bringing High End Sound to your Home

The newly improved Elba is a great all-round speaker which combines power with grace for an exciting audiophile listening experience.

The engineering challenge behind the new Elba was to put in Rosso’s entry level model the same enthusiasm, design expertise and innovation that they put in their higher-end speakers so as to give the listener the pleasure of a real high-end acoustic experience.

Made in Italy with superior materials and craftsmanship, Elba series 2 sports a twin 6.5” woofer each one featuring coated fibreglass cones for optimal stiffness and damping properties over membrane resonances and a re-designed motor system which minimises power compression.

A pair of Rosso Fiorentio speakers

These two mid-woofers work in a vented loading volume where the ports are directly placed behind both the upper and the lower woofer units drastically reducing their time delay. Each aluminium damped port has been retuned optimising turbulence and in accordance with the new motor parameters of the drive units. The result is a system with an increased bass frequency extension and control compared to its predecessor.

On top of the front baffle sits a 26 mm wide surround silk dome tweeter powered by a double magnet that offers an extended high frequency response to about 40kHz together with a great off-axis dispersion.

However, the high quality of the Elba is not limited to its drivers.  Hidden but critically important is the newly designed crossover, which carefully links the drivers together for a coherent emission on both vertical and horizontal axis and gives the Elba a drastically limited impedance variation, making it extremely compatible with a wide range of amplifiers. The use of audio grade capacitors exclusively customised for Rosso by ClarityCap, together with our new proprietary made in Italy inductors and precision thick film resistors, put the high-end quality of this circuitry beyond doubt.

The beautifully finished enclosure, made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, makes use of the multi-layer construction which, in a more sophisticated way, is to be found in all Rosso models.  The use of multi-layered panels made of mechanically different materials, guarantees the right balance of sturdiness and damping properties thus forming the basis for a clean and powerful sound.

This is a simple, clean, elegant design which encompasses all the technology, expertise and performance, typical of a Rosso Fiorentino loudspeaker. A floorstander built to blend with style into your home capable of creating a dynamic and captivating high-end sound.

  • type: 2.5 -way rear-ported floorstander
  • sensitivity: 88 dBspl (2.83V, 1m)
  • nominal impedance: 6Ω (minimum 4Ω)
  • drive units: 
    • 1 x ø 26mm (1 in) hand treated textile diaphragm with wide surround
    • 2 x ø 165mm (6.5 in) coated fiber glass cone woofer
  • frequency response: 40 Hz – 30 kHz (typical in-room bass resp. -6dB @35Hz)
  • crossover frequencies: 60 Hz – 2.2 kHz
  • recommended amplifier power: 30W – 150W into 8Ω with unclipped sound signal
  • cabinet: solid HDF fiberboard, internal damping elements, 3 different absorbent materials
  • dimensions: 
    • Height:  1086mm (42.8 in) incl. plinth and spikes
    • Width: 236mm (9.3 in) | 270mm (10.6in) including plinth
    • Depth: 290mm (11.4in) | 320mm (12.6in) including plinth
  • net weight: 27 Kg (59.5 lb) each
  • cabinet finish: 
    • exclusive RF silky matt black coating
    • black carbon fibre pattern leather (front panel)
  • side panels:
    • black carbon fibre pattern leather natural
    • real walnut veneer
    • other finishes on request
  • Available with premium leather side panels for an additional charge
  • Available with premium front and side panels for an additional charge

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