Kudos Sigao Drive External Crossover


Kudos Sigao Drive External Crossover

External Crossover for Kudos Titan speakers
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SIGAO DRIVE represents a ground-breaking new approach to crossover design, never before seen in mainstream HiFi. Neither traditionally active nor truly passive - SIGAO DRIVE is an external crossover with no power supply, situated in front of the power amplifiers in the audio signal chain.

Designed specifically to work with Kudos Titan speakers (808, 707, 606 and 505).

Impedance matched to your choice of amplifier.

The Kudos Sigao drive propped on a wooden stand

Being unpowered, the Kudos Sigao Drive crossover has no active electronics or power supply to add their inherent character to the sound, and thus the invasive components are eliminated.

Kudos use an enclosure with a carefully selected mass to control resonance, machined from a solid billet of aluminium. This helps shield the internal assemblies from external acoustic, mechanical and electrical disturbances. The PCB is decoupled from the enclosure using a purpose-designed PCB mechanical decoupling system. Compound dual isolation from residual vibrations provides the filter components with the best operating environment to maximise SIGAO DRIVE’s performance.

HiFi Rose Sigao Drive rear view with various cables plugged in.  Photo was taken at the Munich HiFi Show in 2024

A 4-layer PCB is specified and designed to minimise susceptibility to external electrical fields while not increasing the signal path capacitance unduly. Filter inductors are custom manufactured to Kudos specification and built to a very tight, exacting tolerance. Kudos opted for capacitors using polystyrene dielectric, considered by Kudos Audio to be the best sounding in its crossover filters.

The rear of the Sigao Drive showing the connection options

Until now, Kudos loudspeakers in active configuration have only been compatible with a select handful of audio brands (Linn Exakt, Naim Snaxo, Exposure etc). With SIGAO DRIVE, Kudos loudspeakers are now compatible with almost any audio brand on the market. The amplifier output loading of the crossover can be adjusted to match the technical requirements of virtually any amplifier combination, meaning near-infinite compatibility with active Kudos loudspeakers for the very first time.  

  • Passive external crossover for Kudos Titan speakers
  • Designed to work with any manufacturers power amplifier and:
    • Kudos Titan 808
    • Kudos Titan 707
    • Kudos Titan 606
    • Kudos Titan 505

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