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Puritan Audio Laboratories

Puritan Audio Studio Master Mains Purifier

Precision symmetrically balanced circuitry with multiple fully independent outputs and multiple finely tuned filter elements are core features of the Studio Master range. 

Purist Distribution Strips

Puritan Audio Purist Distribution Strips

No filtration, no voltage clamp protection, just the very highest integrity independent star wiring of live, neutral and earth connections to 8 ultra high integrity output sockets. 


Puritan Ultimate Mains Cables

Puritan Audio Ultimate Mains Cables

The Ultimate is an absolute sonic triumph which totally redefines the contribution that power cables can make to ultimate fidelity.

The Ultimate  cable is so limp and floppy that it simply cannot carry vibrations. And yet it contains massive 41 Amp, ultra high purity, grain optimised copper conductors, enclosed in a super soft  custom formulated silicone dielectric

Puritan Audio Classic Mains Cables

Puritan Audio Classic Mains Cables

Without any doubt vibration distortion as picked up by and transmitted by mains cables is the biggest undoing of any otherwise competently designed cable and that is where Puritan Audio. Attention to detail extends to all of the materials content and to the terminations. Classic cable is a power cord like no other with a level of performance that totally defies its price.

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