Storage Requirements by Audio file Format

Digital Audio File Storage Requirements

Storage Requirements by Audio file Format

Storage Requirements by file Format

The table below provides estimates for the amount of disk space required to store 100 typical audio CDs using various formats and bitrates.

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Format Bitrate Storage Estimate  for 100 CDs (GB)
AAC 96 5.5GB
AAC 128 7.3GB
AAC 160 9.2GB
AAC 192 11.0GB
FLAC Lossless 45.3GB
MP3 128 7.3GB
MP3 192 11.0GB
MP3 224 12.8GB
MP3 320 18.3GB
WAV Lossless 78.1GB
WMA 64 3.7GB
WMA 96 5.5GB
WMA 128 7.3GB
WMA 160 9.2GB
WMA 192 11.0GB
WMA Lossless 46.9GB
Apple Lossless Lossless 45.3GB
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