Linn Majik 112 Loudspeaker


Linn Majik 112 Loudspeaker

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Linn Majik 112 Centre Speaker
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The Linn Majik 112 full-range centre channel loudspeaker has a unique and
innovative design that builds on thirty years’ experience of loudspeaker
design and manufacture. Majik 112 features Linn’s patented driver array
technology found in their highest performing loudspeakers and a single
bass driver system with matching front-firing bass reflex. This combination
delivers complete clarity in high frequency reproduction and a clean and
even dispersion across all frequencies, ideal qualities for a centre channel

Majik 112 is the perfect centre channel solution for surround sound
home cinema or multi-channel audio, and completes the Linn Majik
range of loudspeakers. Match Majik loudspeakers with the Majik range of
components for an investment in genuine specialist performance.

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