Configure Ruckus Unleashed for Sonos

Configure Ruckus Unleashed for SONOS

Configure Ruckus Unleashed for Sonos

Ruckus Unleashed access points are designed for corporate network environments - Sonos is not.

Installing multiple Ruckus access points will provide good wireless mesh coverage throughout your home.

Individual Sonos components will work with Ruckus - but you may have issues with stereo pairs or playbar/sub/surround combinations.

You can configure Ruckus to be 'less corporate' and enable Sonos to work using the following commands.

Note that you will need to use a SSH client (Putty on Windows, or the Mac OS command Terminal, or Linux terminal).

Before you start you will need to know:

  • the ip address of the Master Unleashed access point, we use in this example
  • the SSID of the Ruckus network,  we use ripcasterwifi in these steps
  • the administrative username and password for the Ruckus Unleashed network, we use admin and drowssap in this example
  • Make sure all the Ruckus access points are running the latest firmware before starting...

Using you ssh client connect to the master Unleashed node

ssh admin@192.168.152

Enter the username and password

You should be at the command prompt 


Enter the following command: enable


Enter the command: config


Enter the command: wlan ripcasterwifi

Replace ripcasterwifi with the name of your wifi SSID


Enter the command: no qos directed-multicast


Enter the command: qos directed-threshold 0


Enter the command: end

This will save the changes.

Now restart your SONOS components

Hope that helps - please let us know if you are unsuccessful following these instructions.