Inert Speaker Stand Filler

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Inert Speaker Stand Filler

Inert Speaker Stand Filler

Inert Filler Specialist Speaker Stand Mass Loading Material.  Speaker Stand Support Resonance Dampening material.

The benefits of Inert Filler and mass loading speaker stand support column(s) will be to enhance the performance of your speakers and the speaker stand support.

Inert Filler, Mass loading and dampening the centre support column(s) is an important initial upgrade. Once mass loaded to our recommended amount, the performance will be particularly noticeably to the bass frequencies, with a more controlled and precision timing to the bass frequency. If you feel the bass still requires enhancing and control then add a little more Inert Filler.

Inert Filler is a specially sourced material for dampening speaker stand support column(s). The particle size of 1mm to 2mm with angular features provides an ideal material for applying, perfect for eliminating voids in support columns and providing perfect very dense, high mass loading for speaker stand supports.

  • particle size of 1mm to 2mm with angular features

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