kStor Solid State Audio NAS


kStor Solid State Audio NAS

kStor Solid State Audio NAS
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kStor Solid State Audio NAS

The kSTOR is designed to partner your high performance digital music system. The kSTOR stores and serves your digital audio music collection to one or more digital music players.

The kSTOR has been designed to be completely silent in operation. It has no cooling fans, and no mechanical noise associated with conventional hard drives.

Solid State Drives (SSD) make the kSTOR very responsive when browsing and playing your music collection.

The 64-bit processor within the kSTOR will quickly index and search your collection.

The kSTOR is pre-installed with a number of quality music servers - allowing you access to the collection from a range of manufacturers equipment: Linn, Naim, Cyrus, SONOS etc.

  • AssetUPnP - for UPnP players (NAIM, Aulaic, Cyrus etc)
  • Linn Kazoo (SongBox) Server - for Linn DS
  • Windows File Shares - for SONOS etc

The kSTOR is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

SSD Drive Configuration

The kStor is pre-configured and ready to use. It features 3 solid state drives.

The kStor has a dedicated solid state drive (SSD) for the operating system (OS) and applications.

Two additional solid state drives are used for storing your music file in a RAID 1 configuration.

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