Astell & Kern with Tidal

Astell & Kern with Tidal firmware

Astell & Kern with Tidal

Tidal recently changed their service login mechanism. This has caused a number of issues for equipment manufactures including Astell & Kern.

The Tidal App shipped with Astell & Kern players is currently unable to access the Tidal service.

Astell & Kern are currently working on a firmware update to fix the problem.

The target is to fix the issue by the towards the end of May for the following players:

  • SP2000
  • SP1000
  • SP1000M
  • SE100
  • SE200 
  • SR25
  • SE180

Older generation players (SA700, KANN CUBE, SR15, CT10, CT15 etc) may  receive an update but the changes required are more significant due to the operating system used on older AK players. 

Music playback from internal storage is not affected.

Update June 8th:

New firmware is now available for the SE180, SR25 and KANN ALPHA to fix the authentication issues with the embedded Tidal app.  Firmware updates for other players will be available soon.