Configure QNAP NAS for SONOS S1 (Enable SMB v1)

Enable SMB for SONOS on QNAP NAS

Configure QNAP NAS for SONOS S1 (Enable SMB v1)

The Sonos S1 controller App requires an old (plus security vulnerable) file sharing protocol to access music stored on a network hard drive such as a QNAP.

The current firmware for QNAP NAS devices disables the SMB v1 protocal used by SONOS S1 by default.

The following steps show how to enable SMB v1 on QNAP using current firmware ( at the time of writing).


1) Open the QNAP web administrative interface using your browser (use the address is shown in the "QNAP QFinder" Application if needed).


2) Login with a user with administrator rights

Open QNAP Admin Page

3) Open the "Control Panel"

QNAP Control Panel

4) Click on "Win/Mac/NFS/WebDAV" in the "Network & File Services" section

Network Settings

5) Click on "Advanced Options"

Set the "Lowest SMB version to "SMB 1" and click Apply

Enable SMB1 on QNAP NAS