Cyrus Stereo 200 Power Amplifier


Cyrus Stereo 200 Power Amplifier

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Those in the know about audiophile components recognise quality when they hear it. The Cyrus Stereo 200 is a rare beast indeed – lauded by many as one of the finest power amplifiers of its generation, the Stereo 200 is remarkable in its poise, absolute grip and astonishing dynamic range. Based on our in-house developed third generation Hybrid Class-D amplification, it is efficiently commanding, yet gloriously musical.

You have to hear this amplifier to believe it.

Design of the Stereo 200

Delivering a herculean 2 x 203 Watts into 6Ω from the half width Cyrus die-cast aluminium chassis, this high-quality power amp provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.

Pin-point instrument positioning, beautiful balancing and crystal clarity are all signatures of this landmark amplifier.

Cyrus’ Stereo 200 power amplifier is the first hybrid power amplifier to be launched from this new platform. By “hybrid” they mean it incorporates a traditional Cyrus power supply design with a low noise toroidal transformer, married with a new, high power, class D output device. This combination provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.



  • banana/spade speaker terminals – Yes
  • chain output – Yes
  • MC-BUS – Yes
  • analogue – RCA


  • phono – 1 pair
  • XLR Balanced – 1 pair
  • trigger – 12V

Power output

  • watts into 6 Ohms – 203

Weight and dimensions

  • dimensions: height 73mm, width 215mm, depth 360mm
  • weight: 6.9kg

Overall Rating