Cyrus CD Xt Signature CD transport


Cyrus CD Xt Signature CD transport

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Over the years, owners of Cyrus CD players have appreciated the difference their engineering principles can make to their listening pleasure. The CD Xt Signature is the very pinnacle of CD playback technology. Every instrument, every nuance of every recording is laid bare, with absolute clarity. Put simply – this is the best.

Cyrus' in-house designed mechanism extracts every ‘bit’ of music data with the lowest possible noise (using our proprietary ‘servo’ technology). The Xt Signature is a ‘transport’ with only digital outputs. It connects to either of the Cyrus integrated amplifiers, or a dedicated pre-amplifier as part of an audio ‘separates’ system.

CD XT signature - a statement of excellence

Cyrus CD players are better because they generate far less background noise than most. Cyrus call this their SE or Servo-Evolution technology. The principle itself is quite simple. Usually the laser mechanism (servo) which reads the data from a disc makes tiny movements side to side quite quickly to re-read miss-read data – this create ‘servo noise’ and that impacts the ‘noise-floor’ limiting the quality of the sound output.

The principle objective with Cyrus CD players is to extract the data on the disc as accurately as possible the first time – and that is only possible through some very careful design and calibration in both the hardware and software elements of the player.



SPDIF optical – 1
SPDIF coaxial – 1
MC-BUS – Yes

Signal compatibility

Maximum signal resolution 16-bit/44.1kHz

Dimensions (mm)

Height 73
Width 215
Depth 360
Weight (kg) 3.6

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