Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 23 to 31st Jan 24
Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 23 to 31st Jan 24
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AURALiC at ripcaster

AURALiC Aries G3 Wireless Streaming Processor

The Aries G3 offers multiple inputs and a powerful co-processor that enables it to function as a preamplifier for digital connections.

AURALiC Vega G3 Streaming DAC

The VEGA G3 integrates a range of state-of-the-art technologies that surpass expectations.

AURALiC Aries G2.2 Wireless Streaming Transporter


AURALiC Vega G2.2 Streaming DAC

the latest evolution in high-end DAC performance and cutting-edge analog circuit.

AURALiC Aries G1.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter

The ARIES G1.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter brings high-performance music streaming to your home audio system.

AURALiC Altair G1.1 Digital Audio Streamer

The ALTAIR G1.1 Digital Audio Streamer, with its robust Wi-Fi connectivity and analog output, is a clean one-box solution for all your digital music.

AURALiC Sirus G2.1 Upsampling Processor

With SIRIUS G2.1, compressed, lossy, and poor recordings all have the potential to be improved, thereby upgrading your overall experience.

AURALiC Leo GX.1 Reference Clock

By circumventing the DAC’s internal clock, shielding the unit from noise with an internal copper enclosure, and utilising a new advanced multi-spring suspension system available on all G2.1 products, LEO GX.1 will dramatically enhance your listening experience.

AURALiC Vega G1 Streaming DAC

A full-featured streamer capable of connecting to local and online sources of high-resolution digital music

AURALiC Vega G2.1 Streaming DAC

Every aspect of the VEGA G2.1’s engineering has been designed to push the boundaries of sonic performance, reshaping data into a vibrant, emotionally rewarding musical performance.

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